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      (BERT) [1]
      , diabetes [1]
      , Domain expert [1]
      , Fabricated Interpretations [1]
      , psychosocial adjustment [1]
      -TiZr, Elasticity, Density functional theory. [1]
      1. The Petition dated 28th March 2013 was filed by the Petitioner, Philip Jalango, to challenge his suspension as a member of the Board of the Kenya Rugby Union (hereinafter “the Union”) and as the Chairman/Director of the Elite Performance and National Squads management Sub-Committee of the said Union. 2. The Union is a society registered under the Societies Act, Cap.108 Laws of Kenya hence the joinder of the Registrar of Societies as an Interested Party. The Petitioner seeks the following prayers in his Petition; [1]
      2008 standard [1]
      2013-2022 [1]
      : Academics, performance, Leadership, styles, skills and ethics. [1]
      : Asymmetry of information, Credit Reference Bureaus, Customer, Credit Information Sharing, Credit Rating, Obligations, Rights. [1]
      : Audience, Colonial Audience, the Opposition, Identities [1]
      : Computer technology, student attitudes, History, Web based, computer literacy [1]
      : Cosmopolites sordidus [1]
      : Environmental impacts, smallholder farmers, poverty alleviation, sustainable food production, household incomes [1]
      : Existential fulfillment, Engagement, Burnout [1]
      : Factors, Islamic banking, Profitability [1]
      : Financial Sustainability, Non-Governmental Organizations, diversification of funds [1]
      : higher learning institutions, risky sexual behaviour, stigma, HIV testing, VCT [1]
      : Human Computer Interaction [1]